Fw: How to add an applet to system

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From: fanxiong <fx ccoss com cn>
Date: 2003/9/22 18:21:59
Subject: How to add an applet to system

> I have download an applet , I have down something to add it to my system:
1. add a file
> named \\\'clock.server\\\' in the /usr/lib/bonobo/servers/ dir;
2. add a dir name
> \\\'clock_applet\\\' in the /root/.gconf/apps/panel/profiles/default/applets/ and add a file
> named \\\'%gconf.xml\\\' in this dir;
3. add a \\\'clock_applet\\\' item in the \\\'%gconf.xml\\\'
> file which under the dir /root/.gconf/apps/panel/profiles/default/general/;
when restart
> the gnome_panel , the right button menu have added the new applet, but when click it , an
> error message box come out with \\\'unkown error accured\\\' , can someone help me? thanks!
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