Fixing #76159 - libwnck grouping


I am writing a patch to fix #76159.  The bug is that some programs like
Emacs do not get grouped in the task list.  This happens because libwnck
pays attention to group leader windows only, but for some reason Emacs
decides not to have a single group leader.

>From what I've been able to glean, things worked fine in GNOME 1.4
because its tasklist only used the res_class field of the WM_CLASS
property to do grouping.  From a quick read of the 1.4 tasklist applet,
it does not pay attention to the group leader at all.

The wm-spec says nothing about grouping, and the ICCCM mentions both the
group leader and the WM_CLASS res_class field.  It doesn't really say
that either is the right thing to use.

Is there any reason not to just use the old grouping method?


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