Re: 2.5 and gtk+ HEAD

<quote who="Anders Carlsson">

> I've added a gnome26.moduleset to jhbuild for those of us that want to
> build 2.5. 
> So the question is if we should start monitoring gtk+ HEAD for this or if
> we should wait for the GTK+ API freeze.

I guess that if the GTK+ dudes are sure they're going to release within the
GNOME 2.6 timeframe, it doesn't hurt to be swatting GTK+ bugs in the mean
time... But it probably wouldn't be useful to have GNOME stuff depending on
new GTK+ APIs until there's a freeze and tarball release, IMHO.

Anyone using CVS should be reasonably capable of understanding the issues
anyway, so it's not like we'll be wasting time on it needlessly. But I could
be speaking from the arse.

- Jeff

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