Re: GNOME Run Dialog, su, uris, tabs, files and GNOME 2.6

On Fri, 2003-09-19 at 17:17, Sven Herzberg wrote:
> Am Fr, 2003-09-19 um 16.57 schrieb Hongl Lai:
> > Sven Herzberg wrote:
> > What was wrong with libgnomesu (that I've posted on this list a while 
> > ago) again?
>   I asked you to provide a web site that points to the tarballs, I asked
> you to take a cvs at savannah 

I just imported libgnomesu into gnome cvs and hongli is getting an
account. May take a while to get tot anoncvs tho.

Mark Finlay 
Computer Science Student

E-Mail:	sisob_AT_tuxfamily_DOT_org
Jabber:	sisob_AT_jabber_DOT_org

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