GNOME Run Dialog, su, uris, tabs, files and GNOME 2.6


  I'm currently working on a tool to replace the GNOME Run Dialog in
2.6. My main goals are to create a run dialog application that supports
the following:

 * run as
   use a lib that the gksu-team is currently working on to provide

 * tab ompletion
   tab completion should be added to make users start their
   applications faster

 * uri support
   should be possible to open any gnomevfs uri with the right

 * file support
   should be also able to start abiword if i select a .abw file

  If you have any opinions about that, please reply. If we can make
changes to our goals earlier we'll end up in a cleaner dialog.

Sven Herzberg <herzi gnome-de org> · Jabber: herzi jabber org
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