Re: GNOME Run Dialog, su, uris, tabs, files and GNOME 2.6

Sven Herzberg wrote:

 I asked you to provide a web site that points to the tarballs, I asked
you to take a cvs at savannah or sf to provide some points to create
diffs against.

Oh, right. I forgot it was you who sent me that email.

But you refused with the argument "i want this to become
a gnome library, so I want gnome cvs and a page at the gnome site".
 So my resumee was that you lack cooperation and thus I took a look
around and found the really nice gksu from gustavo.

Actually those were my goals, not my arguments. My main argument was lack of time. (maintaining the hacked file selector and 4 different modules of Autopackage and all my school stuff etc. is a lot of work).

It's the beginning of the weekend so I'll look into getting an account at Savannah.

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