Re: Application menu.

> > Overall:
> > 
> >    FOUR ITEMS! Except for the screenshot that started this thread, nobody
> >    has suggested anything other than these four items. I dread to imagine
> >    what people will start to fill it with.
> Four items is not enough ? What's the definition of a good menu for you
> ? I don't want bloated menus, I want simple ones in understandable and
> easy to use applications... 
> But BTW, we could add a hide entry (ala MacOS) which could hide all the
> application windows...

Well, you could even add "report a bug".
For some apps: "download [themes, plugins, dictionaries...]"
And for apps like GIMP or OpenOffice: "new picture" or "new -> [text,
spreadsheet, web site...]".

And, even, "uninstall" and, maybe, "upgrade".

Etc, etc...

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