Re: Application menu.

On Mon, Sep 15, 2003 at 02:30:09PM +0200, Cedric Marcone wrote:
> AppName
>  +-- About
>  +-- Help
>  +-- Preferences
>  +-- Quit

This message summed it up so well, that I wonder if Cedric gave his vote
with tongue in cheek.

Line by line:

    Apps with more than single word names would have to use StudlyCaps or
    look like multiple menu items. Apps would have to use single word names.
    Because not every app can be named Editor or Browser or what have you,
    the names would not be very descriptive. With descriptive names we'd
    need translations.

    Mostly a vanity item. Perhaps if it made it easy for users to flame
    developers for data loss or alert asphyxiation, it'd be useful.
    But really, it sits quite nicely on the Help menu with the other items
    that tell you about the application.

    Has its own menu, and it's hard enough to get as it is. Why hide it?

    Usually a design flaw allowing access to things that should be on the
    View menu, the Tools menu, part of stored state, or non-existent.

    Cruft. It's also quite confusing when it causes some other document,
    perhaps on another workspace, to disappear.


   FOUR ITEMS! Except for the screenshot that started this thread, nobody
   has suggested anything other than these four items. I dread to imagine
   what people will start to fill it with.

Come on,

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