RE: Application menu.

Maybe add it to the 

Also (as pointed out before) the items under that menu are not terribly
important - so losing them should not "cripple" an app useless. Finally
Gnome is already (partially) inconsistent with other X-Apps (Button
ordering) so depending on certain elements of the desktop (e.g. the window
manager=metacity or the desktop=nautilus or the panel) should not break the
whole idea. In order to get "optimum" usability some dependencies are
necessary. Also standardisation between desktop environments is in order for
the window-menus, too...

Another option would be to put those menu-items on the panel (Mac-like),
which would NOT fit in with the window-centric design of Gnome but look
nice, anyway...

KDE-apps usually have their Help-icon (for context-sensitive help) embedded
in the title-bar of all applications, which is not supported by most window

Michael - 328880

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