Re: Moving Conglomerate to GNOME CVS

tor 2003-09-18 klockan 04.36 skrev Dave Malcolm:
> Apologies if this is the wrong list...

gnome-hackers gnome org is probably more appropriate for this type of
requests, but I guess most people reading that list read
desktop-devel-list too anyway.

> I'm the lead programmer/maintainer of Conglomerate
> (, a free user-friendly XML editor based on GNOME
> technologies.

You were demoing it at GUADEC, right?

> I'd like to move the project from its current CVS server (at Copyleft
> AG) to GNOME CVS.  This will hopefully make it easier for other people
> to get involved (especially translators, who have requested this move). 


> I want to move two projects - the source of the program, and the source
> of the Conglomerate website.
> I don't yet have a GNOME CVS account, so I'd need that.

Follow the steps on
for requesting a CVS account. Hopefully other people can help you with
the import itself later.


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