Moving Conglomerate to GNOME CVS

Apologies if this is the wrong list...

I'm the lead programmer/maintainer of Conglomerate
(, a free user-friendly XML editor based on GNOME

I'd like to move the project from its current CVS server (at Copyleft
AG) to GNOME CVS.  This will hopefully make it easier for other people
to get involved (especially translators, who have requested this move). 
I want to move two projects - the source of the program, and the source
of the Conglomerate website.

I don't yet have a GNOME CVS account, so I'd need that.  I'm also not an
expert at CVS surgery (yet), so advice from gurus on the mechanics of
the move would be nice!

I'm hoping I won't need to commit my various working trees before the
move: I believe I can just hack the CVS/Root files at a later date.

So, what do I do?

David Malcolm

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