Re: ssh: method

On Wed, 2003-09-17 at 12:35, Ross Burton wrote:
> As we're all happily thinking about 2.6 features, I'll throw another one
> in.
> The current ssh: method is a hack. It's a well tested hack, as various
> people have been fixing bugs in it.  However, it is still a hack.
> sftp: [1] is not as much of a hack. It uses the file transfer protocol
> supplied with OpenSSH and therefore should be much more stable. This
> unfortunately is not maintained any more (although it works for me), is
> not part of GNOME, and requires the sftp module to be loaded on the SSH
> server (this is the default with openssh). If you have gnome-ssh-askpass
> installed, it even prompts for passphrases when connecting! :)
> I suggest that someone with good knowledge of the ssh: code (/me looks
> at Bastien ;) merges the two code bases.  The Ultimate ssh: vfs method
> would try sftp: first, and then use the current ssh method if that is
> not available.  I'd prefer to just use sftp but I don't know how many
> servers out there support it (the commercial server supports it I
> believe).

There are also a few issues with the sftp code. See my last mail about
this subject. (Don't have a pointer to it atm.)

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