Re: Nautilus 2.6 - We're going all spatial

On Mon, 2003-09-15 at 15:28, Dave Camp wrote:
> During the nautilus 2.4 cycle there was some discussion on
> nautilus-list about the "Object Oriented" metaphor vs. the "Navigation
> Metaphor".  That thread started at
> (read that mail if you need an introduction to the OO and Navigation
> metaphors).
> Our general opinion coming out of that thread was that the Object
> Oriented metaphor was probably easier to learn, and built a stronger
> conceptual model for users, but that the convenience benefits of a
> navigation window outweighed those.

It's interesting to look at the "number of clicks" to do different jobs
with the navigation and OO metaphores.

eg: Moving a file from ~/a/b1/ to ~/a/b2

Oo: Open home. Open b1. Click on home window to bring to front. Open b2.
Click on home window to bring to front. Close home window. Drag file.
Close b1. Close b2. TOTAL: 9 clicks.

Navigation: Open home. Open b1 in new window (2 clicks). Open b2 in
original window., Drag file. Close b1. Close b2. TOTAL: 7 clicks.

And this is the case with most examples I can think of.

Andrew Sobala <andrew sobala net>

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