Re: UnAnswered questions about spatial switch

On 9/16/03 2:09 PM, Benjamin Kahn wrote:
> John,
> You missed one:
> How do you go "up" a directory?
> [...]
> To go up a directory, the window manager allowed you to click (again
> with a modifier, I think, it might have been click and hold) on the
> window title which would open a drop down list of parent directories.
> Selecting one of those would open that directory in a new window.  (I
> don't recall if the current window closed.)

Yes, command-click on the name in the window title bar brings up a list of
parent dirs.  Close-behind is still controlled by the same modifier key:
option.  So cmd-option lets you select a parent (not just the immediate one)
and close the current window behind you.

Click-and-hold does not pop the menu, but it does let you drag the proxy
icon off the title bar.


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