Re: UnAnswered questions about spatial switch

	You missed one:

		How do you go "up" a directory?  

	MacOS9 solved these problems like this:

	While holding down a modifier (I don't recall which one) and double
clicking on a directory would open the directory in a new window and
CLOSE the old one.

	To go up a directory, the window manager allowed you to click (again
with a modifier, I think, it might have been click and hold) on the
window title which would open a drop down list of parent directories. 
Selecting one of those would open that directory in a new window.  (I
don't recall if the current window closed.)

	I have no idea why they switched away from the spatial model, although
I know I found it hard to use. *

* I also don't tend to use graphical file managers, so I'm neither a
good test, nor have a strong opinion about which way works best.

On Tue, 2003-09-16 at 10:42, John McCutchan wrote:
> There are two important questions that people have been mentioning that
> haven't been answered.
> 1) MacOS used to use the spatial model, now they don't why did they
> switch?
> 2) How will the deep navigation inefficiency be handled? We can't have
> spring loaded folders. So how are we going to solve this?
> Example: I browsed to a file and after opening the file I had to close 5
> nautilus windows.
> John
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