Re: Broken po files

Jordi Mallach wrote:

roozbeh found out that a handful of po files are not UTF-8 encoded in a
few modules. This will break the affected translations badly.

Are we allowed to mass fix for gnome-2-4 and HEAD?

[19:38] <roozbeh> Oskuro: did a grep. it seems that it's not the only one.
[19:41] <roozbeh> Oskuro: file-roller's 'th', gnome-media's 'eu', 'gl', and
        'lt', gnome-vfs's 'eu', 'ga', 'lt' and 'ro', intltool's 'fr' and
        'fr_BE', libgnomeprint's 'ms', 'tr' and 'wa', libgnomeprintui's 'eu',

ms is there? sorry ... i didnt notice it
ms is actually use only ascii string
so if u guy found it not UTF-8,
just change the header ...

        'gl', 'hr', 'it', 'lt', 'tr', and 'wa', and almost everything in
[19:42] <carlos> roozbeh: intltool have a po directory?
[19:42] <roozbeh> carlos: oops. that is in its 'tests'.
[19:42] <roozbeh> carlos: but the others are the same.
[19:43] <carlos> :-P
[19:43] > ok, is sucks.
[19:43] <carlos> scrollkeeper is not a GNOME module


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