Re: GStreamer CVS move ?

Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:
I'll restate the current situation on that topic.
a) I have an account on canvas now from which I could sync gstreamer cvs
mirror-wise, if anyone knows of a good tool/script/... to keep this tree
nicely in sync please point it at me, I'm not in the mood to write such
a script myself and I haven't found anything sufficient yet.
b) as for a *real* move of GStreamer to GNOME, here's what we'd like:
- ssh-based access, like on sf (for practicality reasons)
- non-lagging anonymous access (for practicality reasons)
- pointing to, with a different cvsroot
(say /cvs/gstreamer) (for political reasons)
- transfer of our current developer base to the new repository
A good alternative might be "being hosted on freedesktop" if there is a
possibility for that (though I seem to remember freedesktop is basically
hosted by codefactory ?)
This list of items is basically my personal list, though most of it
comes from lengthy discussions with the other GStreamer developers, and
I'm sure they'll chip in if I forgot something :)
So if you or others want GStreamer moved, this is the list of items to
get work done on, and helping with any of them will surely speed up the
process. Thanks for bringing it up,

Just for the sake of completeness ( i know its maybe not really an option for you guys ) i will reconfirm our offer to some of the Gstreamer core devs to make Gstreamer a corecodec project and host it on our server, instead of sourceforge. is a multimedia orientated opensource community using a dedicated server with GForge, hosted projects are matroska, CoreAPI, USF ( the XML based subtitles format ), CoreAAC, CoreVorbis, VFRE, mmg and others.

While Gstreamer would fit very well into the philosophy of the community and in fact would boost its public awareness by 500 % at least , and thats something we would like to happen ( ;-) ), we are on the other side a bit afraid about the badnwidth requirements for hosting such an important project like Gstreamer.

The existing costs for the server and the hosting are acceptable for the time being and being financed by the 'revenues' ( well, donations :D ) we receive for a DirectShow based, closed source software player called 'The Core Media Player' ( TCMP ). While the player in its basic version is freeware, there is a 'Pro' Version offering some Goodies for 10,- €, and although the player is RC4 still, the number of registrations is enough to cover the complete hosting costs for Corecodec already, including the distribution costs for TCMP itself ( appr. 40 - 60 GB / month, installer is 2 MB ). The German 'CHIP' magazine recently did a software player comparison in their 10/2003 issue and TCMP ranked 3rd, so we expect the positive trend to continue :) !

I am well aware some of you may have problems accepting to be hosted on a server that is financed with a closed source app, but in the end somebody has to pay the bills, thats for sure.

So, to cut a long story short, if you guys could give us a rough idea what BW requirements we would have to fulfil for both CVS, downloads and homepage, we would be gladly check if our current situation would allow us to host Gstreamer.

Best regards

matroska project admin
corecodec team member

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