Re: Screenshots of GNOME 2.4?

On Sat, 2003-09-06 at 02:00, Andrew Sobala wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> As we come up to the release of GNOME two-dot-four-dot-oh, we'd love to
> collect together some screenshots of what's new in this release for the
> website. And there's nothing that makes a webserver happier than a good
> slashdotting :-)
> So the release team would like pictures of anything that's new, cool, or
> simply pretty in GNOME.
> So please reply with URLs to your screenshots - remember we need them
> rather quickly, we're only days from release. Please only reply to a
> maximum of one mailing list.
> Many thanks,


This is GNOME Beta 2.


Theme Details:
Controls: 	Mist
Window Border: 	Atlanta
Icons: 		Bluecurve


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