Education and Humanity [Was: A clipboard daemon]

<quote who="Hongli Lai">

> More reason to give those people proper education. Don't adapt to world to 
> idiots, adapt idiots to the world. Why do you think kids go to school? What 
> do you think education is for?

To learn about the world, find your place, and excel. Believe it or not,
many people don't feel that understanding the banal mechanics of fussy
electronics has any relation to their goals in life. They don't care.

So we make tools that they can use, to do what they do. How much room do you
think they will make for our egos?


- Jeff

-- 2004: Adelaide, Australia
       "A rest with a fermata is the moral opposite of the fast food
           restaurant with express lane." - James Gleick, Faster

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