Re: Education and Humanity [Was: A clipboard daemon]

On Sat, 06 Sep 2003 23:23:47 +1000, Sir Jeff Waugh scribed thus:
> To learn about the world, find your place, and excel. Believe it or not,
> many people don't feel that understanding the banal mechanics of fussy
> electronics has any relation to their goals in life. They don't care.

Indeed. And for those who need selfish reasons to make technology easy,
let's remember that some of us (most of us?) wouldn't be able to afford
computers *at all* if they were not mass market, production-line
commodities. Of course the only reason they are mass market is because
they are easy enough for the majority to deal with, without special
courses, licenses or education.

I for one like cheap things. So, let's let the market do its work by
making stuff easy. We all win!

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