Re: SVG format in metacity, gtk, desklets and build system for Gnome

W liÅ?cie z Å?ro, 03-09-2003, godz. 21:58, Ross Burton pisze: 
> > And then _users_ (!) _designers_ (!) and not only coders could customize
> > these "models/templates" with for example Sodipodi.
> If you believe that it would be easy for Sodipodi to create Metacity
> themes, may I suggest that you design a prototyp theme created in
> Sodipodi.  Ignore the technical details of reading the SVG file and
> generating the specified window frames, but concentrate on what the SVG
> file would look like.
> Remember to handle focused and unfocused windows, windows/dialogs/
> utility windows, system colours and dynamic sizing of buttons to suit
> the user chosen font.
> If you can come up with a SVG which provides this, I'm sure someone can
> at least write a tool to translate that into a Metacity theme file.

You are absolutely right and tomorrow I'll start to work - but I hope
that rather someone will patch Metacity to support my format.

I'm going to create some kind of template/model for Metacity window
decoration and XSLT stylesheet for converting existing themes into this

Stay tuned :-)

Marcin Antczak <marcin antczak e-dev pl>

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