SVG format in metacity, gtk, desklets and build system for Gnome


I have some thoughts after reading "KDE and Gnome" threat recently on
this list and I would like to share them and ask what do you think about

1. About themes...

	a. We have Metacity which uses specific XML structure do 	describe
theme layout and elements.

	I wonder why developer invents it's own "priopretary" format 	instead
adapt SVG semantics?

	b. We have librsvg with experimental SVG theme engine for GTK+ 	why
community doesn't promote this way of describing user 	interface?

	We have great SVG icon themes why not draw entire desktop with 	SVG?	

	c. after karamba success we have gdesklets and they has it's own 	way
to define properties in XML format - again not compatible 	with SVG

2. About building and deployment

I know that this ugly GNU build system with their automakes and
autoconfs are most popular way to build applications in Linux world.

But I think that it is really ugly way do deploy desktop environment.

I wonder if Gnome community couldn't use it's own more modern way to
build, pack and deploy applications...

Just it's own package format and build system - I know that there's
Garnome but I just compiled 2.4rc2.... it took me about 18h and I was
really frustrated after this experience... (Ximian patches for GTK are
nice :-) so I switched back to "stable" XD2).

Don't you think that Gnome desktop could have it's own modern build
system, which could be fast and effective? (with easy way to define
build preferences for applications and easy patching)

Marcin Antczak <marcin antczak e-dev pl>

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