Re: SVG format in metacity, gtk, desklets and build system for Gnome

> And then _users_ (!) _designers_ (!) and not only coders could customize
> these "models/templates" with for example Sodipodi.

If you believe that it would be easy for Sodipodi to create Metacity
themes, may I suggest that you design a prototyp theme created in
Sodipodi.  Ignore the technical details of reading the SVG file and
generating the specified window frames, but concentrate on what the SVG
file would look like.

Remember to handle focused and unfocused windows, windows/dialogs/
utility windows, system colours and dynamic sizing of buttons to suit
the user chosen font.

If you can come up with a SVG which provides this, I'm sure someone can
at least write a tool to translate that into a Metacity theme file.

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