Re: SVG format in metacity, gtk, desklets and build system for Gnome

On Wed, 2003-09-03 at 10:52, Marcin Antczak wrote: 
> As I said, I'm not C/C++ programmer so I don't care about problems you
> write about, but I'm sure that everything can be done.

You're admittedly not qualified to comment on the technical problems
that are involved, yet you insist that they are not important or not
valid?  The simple fact of the matter is that metacity themes and SVG do
completely different things.  It'd be like saying that we should use
XMLRPC to do themes for metacity.  After all, they're both XML, so it
shouldn't be a problem, right?

> Question is how much time it could cost to write and if there will be
> anyone interested to take this job.
SVG support for metacity themes has long been something that we've been
meaning to do.  Of course, as Havoc said, it isn't possible to use SVG
directly, but it would be a good idea to support SVG images in addition
to pixmap-based images, perhaps even embedded directly into the theme

> Besides are there any plans to create some kind of web site for Metacity
> project? (or maybe I ask this way - is there ability for me to create
> such web site and place this somewhere in Gnome webspace?). is the closest thing there is to a metacity web
site.  Please file bugs/requests/etc there.

> And more, are there any plans to enrich this window manager with some
> additional and useful functionality or you consider this as finished
> project and simplicity is it's main value?
Of course!  Numerous plans are already in place (which you can read
about in bugzilla).  But metacity will always maintain its simplicity
and ease-of-use, because indeed that is one of the main features of
metacity.  That doesn't mean that metacity can't be a powerful window
manager; indeed metacity has some very sophisticated features already,
including highly robust multi-head and xinerama support, advanced window
placement, robust standards-compliance, tight GNOME desktop integration,
sophisticated yet easy-to-program themes, and many others.


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