Re: 2 little politically charged characters

On Mon, 2003-09-01 at 01:19, Sergey V. Oudaltsov wrote:

> GSwitchIt will use three-letter country code (ISO 3166) wherever
> possible. The codes are in first-uppercase format except for
> abbrevations USA, GBr, LAm. Though, some layouts do not correspond
> directly to some country (or have obsolete ISO codes like Yugoslavia).
> Some of them are related to the languages which have some three-letter
> codes in ISO 639-2, otherwise they are handled specially (sure, without
> collisions with any existing TLC):
> ar      Ara  (iso 639-2)
> ben     Ben  (iso 639-2)
> dvorak  Dvo 
> guj     Guj  (iso 639-2)
> gur     Pan  (iso 639-2) 
> dev     Hin  (iso 639-2)
> iu      Iku  (iso 639-2) 
> la      LAm
> ml      Mal  (iso 639-2)
> ogham   Ogh
> ori     Ori  (iso 639-2)
> se_FI   Sme  (iso 639-2)
> se_NO   Sme  (iso 639-2)
> se_SE   Sme  (iso 639-2)

"Sme" for swedish? Being swedish this doesn't seem to be easier to

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