Re: [gnome-cyr] Re: 2 little politically charged characters

> If you're subscribed to the i18n list at, you might have  
> noticed that quite similar suggestion was crafted by Frank Murphy.
Not really. Probably I should have.

> I've given suggestions much along the same lines as yours, except that  
> I went for uppercase ISO 3166 two-letter country codes for location- 
> based layouts (like national standards), and lower-case ISO 639 two- 
> letter or three-letter language codes for "linguistic" keymaps.
Well, as "identifiers" these codes are perfectly OK. But as "visible
abbrevations" two letters IMHO are too short.

> Frank actually went for a similar, but slightly different approach:  
> three-letter language codes, and two-letter country codes (all  
> lowercase, so it could work on filesystems which don't differentiate a  
> case).
Again, you are talking about layout IDs - I am talking about visible

> You may try to look at the i18n xfree86 org archives -- this was  
> discussed fairly recently (August 13--25).
OK. I will. But, again, if they are talking about IDs - that discussion
is not relevant. Just look at xfree86.xml - there is "name" (which is
essentially ID), "short description", and "description". AFAIU they (in
xfree mailing list) are talking about "names". Correct me if I am wrong.

> I believe it would be wise to follow the same pattern if anyhow  
> possible.

> Btw, the country code for "Yugoslavia" (actually, since February it's  
> "Serbia and Montenegro") is "CS" and "SCG" since July 24, so you could  
> perhaps use that where appropriate. Also, I'm about to send an updated  
> Serbian keymap to Xfree86 -- so, if you ship separate keymaps, perhaps  
> I can work on improving a Serbian one.
Well, the currently stable 4.3.0 contains the layout "yu" - that is why
I had to put something for it. If in CVS it is replaced by "cs" - no



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