Re: GnomeVFS backend for GtkFileChooser

On Thu, 2003-10-30 at 09:31, Christophe Fergeau wrote:
> This shows once again (the problem already appeared with the gnome-vfs 
> authentication dialog which was added in libgnomeui) that we need some
> kind of libgnomeui library which can act as a glue between gconf,
> gnome-vfs and gtk+

The only advantage of that is to avoid having separate libgconfui,
libgnomevfsui. If we're going to be minimizing number of shared objects
for performance reasons, I'd like to go 40 libs -> 15 libs or something,
not 40 -> 39.

The auth dialog problem is easily solved much as we're solving this:
with drop-in plugins that are discovered if present. i.e. optional
runtime dependencies.

A gconf-backed-widgets library IMO would be large enough to deserve to
be a standalone package.

libgnomeui just keeps people from thinking things through properly, and
creates artificial bundling of all functionality so you can't
independently maintain/evolve/deprecate/release each piece. libgnomeui
is to libraries as ioctl() is to system calls.


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