Re: Gnome logout script

I've just been playing with a wrapper to try and allow an arbitrary
clean up script to run after gnome-session without having to hack the
code (and then wait for a submitted patch to be approved and
released...).  Unfortunately to do the Gnome specific magic I want (e.g.
killev, gconfd-2 --shutdown) it seems some of gnome-session's
environment is needed (presumably $SESSION_MANAGER).  Therefore I
suppose I really need this script to be invoked from gnome-session

We could just add some file (e.g. /usr/bin/gnome-session-logout) to be
tested and called on exit.  Are there any thoughts on moving the Red Hat
reboot/poweroff code in there too?  I guess the tests for reboot and
halt buttons need to stay in code.  Perhaps just pass the requested
executable path as an argument?



Sean Atkinson <sean netproject com>

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