Re: The noninclusion of Gaim (was: Re: Module proposal for gnome 2.5)

On Mon, 2003-10-06 at 22:30, Christian Rose wrote: 
> Gaim is not an option for inclusion in GNOME. It's not a GNOME
> application and, probably more important, its developers have repeatedly
> and very clearly stated that they don't have the intention of making it
> so either(*).
> include <various reasons why we can't include gaim>

My suggestion was not that we include gaim, just that we dont include
gossip. If its going to be in the desktop it ought to be a complete
soultion to the issue, i.e. full IM program. We shouldnt be in a
situation where we include on IM program but most users/distros need
another one. Like how we shouldnt include a mailer, etc, which is going
to need replacing by most users. Better no IM prog at all that gossip
which is only Jabber. Afterall we have survived so far without a gnome
IM and we dont NEED one anymore desperately this time than the last

Also: Jabber server-side hooks to msn/aim/icq are complex and
unreliable. Also: The new MSN version has already found its way into
unofficial windows clients so the lockout doesnt look like a permenant

This is how i see it,


PS: I dont think given the quick release schedules that its ever too
early to start talking about modules informally. One can always just not
read the thread if it bores one. 

Dom Howells | e: dom domhowells com
t: 01844 339355 | m: 07956 224714
Dom Howells | e: dom domhowells com
t: 01844 339355 | m: 07956 224714

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