Re: Proposal for inclusion in desktop: gnome-keyring

Alexander Larsson <alexl redhat com> writes:
> The main reason I wrote this code, and why I'm proposing it for 2.6 is
> that I need it in order to make the authentication mechanism and
> process authentication sharing in gnome-vfs work in a sane way.

Since this is not going to go in platform for 2.6 (as you say), I
wonder what's the general guideline for dependencies of platform
libraries (like gnome-vfs, libgnomeui, etc.).

It seems to me that this would introduce a dependency of developer
platform on the desktop tools — is this not strange? ;)

Okay, this would be no major problem, since gnome-keyring would be
considered just a thing some platform libraries depend on.

OTOH, I really dislike the term "keyring" as something that a general
user is going to be exposed to: perhaps something like "password
management" is more suitable? If you want to point out that "it's not
only passwords, you ...", there should still be something better than
"keyring" (like "secret [Gnome] management" -- this would bring more
users to it at least :)

Also, how is this going to relate to Mozilla's password management?
Would it be possible to make use of gnome-keyring in Epiphany and
Galeon, instead of current mechanisms? 

If the answer is yes, this would have another benefit of sharing
passwords between Epiphany and Galeon, which is so far impossible
(unless you play with symlinks and such).

Of course, I would never stop there, but would go as far as making
email clients and everything else use it, but hey, I'm not the one
doing the work, so just tell me to shut up :o)


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