Re: flags, icons, locales

Danilo Segan wrote:

Bill Haneman <Bill Haneman Sun COM> написа:

But I think the issue with flags is really just a specific case of a
more general issue; icons need to be localizable.  If icons are
localizable, then images which are offensive or politically sensitive in
a particular locale can be replaced by "more appropriate" ones.

I think this would be a solution to the problem, but I don't like
introduction of completely new "configuration dimension" for icons,
which seems orthogonal to the current icon theme settings.

With this I mean that icons will be configurable with either setting
of icon-theme, locale or both.

It has to be both, because the need is inherently two-dimensional (visual theme settings, and locale settings).

I don't think it has to multiply effort anywhere however, if our icon themes can cascade. In most locales, only a tiny fraction of our existing icons would need to have locale-specific versions, so no geometric expansion of icons would result.

There are other use cases for localization of icons, and I do not believe overloading the icon theme mechanism is any more than a convenient hack for doing this. In the end, localization and theming of icons are both valuable.

- Bill

I don't think sorting out precedence would be a problem (just like
fontconfig does -- try to get the icon theme [font in fontconfig]
which is best suited for the locale [language], and only then try to
get the icon theme requested by name), but the main question is: Do we want to go this far with icon settings?

(And of course, who is going to implement all this? -- it may seem
that no-flags policy is a better return-on-investment, not counting
our flaming activities in ;o)


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