Re: GNOME Screensaver Frontend

Am Mo, den 24.11.2003 schrieb Jeff Waugh um 02:45:
>   * Provides some detail to the rest of the system about idle time (via X
>     and D-BUS, whatever standards are in place). Curtis had some points
>     about this, which I'll leave to him.

D-BUS people, do you think that this is a good time and task to start
integrating D-BUS into GNOME?

I think that this could be very cool for some upcoming stuff:

  * presentation

    A presentation program can easily tell those idle-monitors to stop
    listening to idle events ("start screensaver", "put monitor to
    standby mode") because this would be quite annoying if happening
    during a talk.

  * multimedia

    Totem could do the same stuff when playing a movie (imagine LOTR:
    there's lots of lots of idle time).

    Rhythmbox could easily plug in a visualization screensaver which
    might be cool if one's using his GNOME desktop to play music at
    a party.

As I promised to work on battfink, I'd like to get some advice from the
D-BUS people on how things should work. And I'd love to start hacking on
the idle-time-screensaver-power-management-stuff (this could remove some
duplication in xscreensaver/battfink).

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