GNOME Screensaver Frontend

Hi all,

Something that has come up many times, but probably not fleshed out enough
for pimping to gnome-love and new contributors is a new GNOME Screensaver
frontend. Despite previous attempts, it seems that 'fixing' GNOME support in
xscreensaver itself is pretty pointless, but the hacks 'protocol/standard'
is worth supporting, so...

  * New GNOME daemon and frontend to launch and configure xscreensaver hacks
    (it could be in gnome-settings-daemon or something like that, but that's
    an implementation detail).

  * Provides some detail to the rest of the system about idle time (via X
    and D-BUS, whatever standards are in place). Curtis had some points
    about this, which I'll leave to him.

  * Integrates with GDM to make the fast user switching stuff we already
    have (thanks to George's awesome work) waaay easier to access.

  * We can ship a set of very appropriate, sensible and GNOMEy hacks with
    the package, that may use GNOME libraries and whatnot (stuff like
    libart, cairo, svg, yada yada, whatever we have to hand in the Developer
    Platform or Desktop).

  * People who really love the xscreensaver hacks can always install them
    and use them if they want, because they'd be used and found in exactly
    the same way.

It's hard to put things like this in bugzilla, so here it is here. ;-)


- Jeff

-- 2004: Adelaide, Australia
          Perl: Making thick Windows admins redundant since 1987.

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