RE: vcard-integration for gnome

On Mon, 2003-11-24 at 09:40, Murray Cumming Comneon com wrote:
> Joe Shaw wrote:
> > The CORBA stuff is all very low-level and hidden from the 
> > user.  There is a plain C API for applications to use, and 
> > it's already been wrapped (the addressbook part of it so far, 
> > anyway) in C#.
> Can you point me to that API in cvs, or maybe online docs?

The addressbook api is in evolution-data-server/addressbook/libebook.  I
have an initial binding of it for C# in the evolution-sharp module.
There is a binding for the ESource types from libedataserver there as

The calendar API is in evolution-data-server/calendar/libecal, but is
still in a bit of flux, so I'm holding off on binding it for now.

Mike Kestner <mkestner ximian com>

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