Re: Using the GNOME Desktop to access web accounts.

On Mon, 2003-11-24 at 13:15, Martin Grimme wrote:
> Am Mo, den 24.11.2003 schrieb Pat Costello um 18:51:
> > Can you do this w/GNOME, or if not, is something like this in the works?"
> Actually, this is WebDAV and MS calls this WebFolders. It is an
> backwards-compatible extension to the HTTP protocol and is
> handled by gnomevfs through the http handler. It doesn't work
> very stable in nautilus atm, and is not comprehensive.
> If you access a WebDAV folder with nautilus it will recognize it
> and show you files instead of a web-page.

Nautilus's webdav support is actually very good.  I use it constantly
and have only found one major bug dealing with uploading very large
files (it copies the entire file into memory before it uploads it; 
uploading a 1 GB file from a system with less than 1 GB of RAM/Swap
causes nautilus to lock.)  I'd say it's on par with Microsoft's support
(since it too has a number of show-stopping bugs), and almost as good as

Fred Smith <fps dividedsky net>
Divided Sky Internet

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