Re: [Usability] Using the GNOME Desktop to access web accounts.

On Mon, 2003-11-24 at 17:51, Pat Costello wrote:
> I got the following comment from an end-user: 
> "Could you tell me something about GNOME. With M*soft you are able to access files via a Web browser. So no matter where you are in the world, you can store your files in location X, and then be able to access them. This is good for virtual teams who need to access files from wherever they sit, and also for business travelers.
> Can you do this w/GNOME, or if not, is something like this in the works?"
> Any views on this comment?
> Pat

Hello Pat,
If this end-user means WebDAV client access...then you know that we can
access remote WebDAV resources with Nautilus too.
If this end-user means that with M$ you can serve a WebDAV know that with Apache or Zope or something else you
can Build a fully functional WebDAV server upon a GNU system.
Probably I didn't understand well this post?

Say your end-user to access with Nautilus and...
believe to your eyes...
I use this technology everyday...and it simply run well!!
Nautilus give me resources transparently...

Luca Cappelletti

The Mutant Has Begun
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