Re: Tabbed Tray Notes Utility

Hello all:
Just in case I have not made it clear in my nov10 post,  Since I did not
find one similar to this in functionality, I am developing one.
The idea is to provide an auto-saving (on lost focus or exit) program
that allows you to jot down random things organized only into tabs.
You would not beleive that I used to use this exclusively as my phone
book, todo list, rough draft specs etc. when I was in windoze domain. I
really miss it in my newfound exciting desktop environment and hence
embarked on this project.

Here is a short roadmap:
v0.1: Get the functionality working at the basic level: run the program,
it creates a window, shows you tabs, you can add, remove, save etc.
quits when you click on the x button. also when you lose focus, it would
auto save it so that you dont have to lose what you have typed just in
case something happens to the program ;) This should happen sometime
before the end of this year.

v2.0: make the program come up with a tray icon, clicking on it would
show the window, x/min on window title would unmap the window but keeps
it running so that you dont have to reload. (sample program urgently
required for this functionality. assigning icon, showing it on the tray,
getting events on it, libraries/headers to be included etc. all of it -
pleeeeeeese, thanks.)

v3.0 onwards: allow all sorts of stuff to be embedded in each tab. for
example allow you to have a tree based gtkwidget on one tab, have a text
area in another, have a pdf in another, have an doc in
another all of them able to autosave etc. (this autosave thing could be
on a configurable basis as well). all this when i figure out embedding
etc. ;)

any other ideas, please feel free to email me. not promising to
incorporate all of them as my knowledge of gtk is only what i have
learned in this context - may be over time, you never know, even i may
get better :-P


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