Re: No Flags "Policy"

Emmanuel Pacaud <emmanuel pacaud univ-poitiers fr> writes:
> Another topic that can be offensive is the order of countries in country
> lists, which should be always in alphabetical order. 

Part of this seems unrelated, but it's very important topic for some
other reasons too.

All strings in such lists should be collated using setting of
LC_COLLATE (i.e. using strcoll, or equivalent Glib function), partly
because of translation issues.

Eg. Germany translates to "Deutschland" in German, and to "Nemacka"
in Serbian, which means that order like
would be wrong for translations.

So, instead of "alphabetical order", I would say "collation order as
defined by user's current locale".

On the flags issue, it seems to me that it's a general consensus (some
have tried to offer other "solutions", but they don't go far enough)
that they *can* be offensive, and we're not going to judge on
case-by-case basis if they're offensive. So, I agree the solution
Jeff proposed is the best one.


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