Re: No Flags "Policy"

Am Fr, den 21.11.2003 schrieb Shahms King um 17:09:
> I was about to suggest that in order to avoid political problems (like
> China's refusal to accept the fact that Taiwan is an sovereign nation)
> by just accepting all "factual" flags, i.e. all flags or crests that
> identify a country or region past or present except that presents far
> more political problems in countries like Germany where Nazi-related
> material like the flag are illegal, so that's not exactly a solution
> either.  And none of this really matters without an answer to 1...

Certain flags always cause some trouble in some countries. China
does not accept a Taiwanese flag, some Arab nations don't accept the
Israeli flag, the German flag might look offensive to some people...
A possible solution could be to make the set of available flags
depend on the current locale settings. So e.g. a *_CN locale would
not show the Taiwanese flag.
There shouldn't be a problem with the German flag, though. This is
history and the flag is frequently being used to represent the
language without problems.


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