Re: No Flags "Policy"

<quote who="mutek (Luca Cappelletti)">

> > The easy solution to these problems (because there are a lot of them) is to
> > simply not ship flags at all. This is not controversial or offensive. It is
> > not reactionary. It is a simple solution to a problem we can't control.
> At least we can ship the Occidentals (European, Americans...)flags and
> then trying to understand conflicts with other ones... 
> Is it a possible solution?

I don't believe so; I think it's an all-or-nothing thing. If we ship some,
people will inevitably ask why theirs is not present, and be offended. Trust
me, if we shipped GNOME with a US flag, and without the Australian flag, I
would "rip someone a new arsehole", to use an Australian term. :-)

(Apologies for my bluntness.)

- Jeff

Come to 2004!
  "Whoever wrote [the Twisted documentation] uses a vivid and interesting
         style of prose which triggers pleasure." - Francois Pinard

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