Re: Freeze Deadline [Re: lockdown status]

<quote who="Jens Finke">

> Havoc Pennington wrote:
> >Was any resolution reached on lockdown mode? Are we on track to have at
> >least a few basic things (don't allow panel modifications, etc.) by the
> >December deadline for 2.6? Is anyone working on this?
> Although we missed every deadline in our 2.5 schedule until now, you
> suggest that the API/API freeze in December is still valid? Then we would
> freeze something we haven't even released once. IMHO this doesn't make any
> sense.

First tarball release is coming this week. Don't be too concerned about the
tarball releases thus far: Firstly we've had all manner of problems with the
*_DISABLE_DEPRECATED flags, which we've just had to wait for; plus, there is
a fairly valid argument that says early tarball releases can get in the way.
There has been plenty of testing from CVS, which serves the most effective
audience for testing at this stage of the release.

We won't be unreleased in December. We will be having API/ABI freeze. The
only thing that is uncertain at this point is GTK+, and that's pretty much
the only thing that will affect our schedule.


- Jeff

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