Libgnetwork 0.0.2 Available

SSL and Proxies are enabled, and I have tested plain TCP/IP connections
(they appear to work).

The three major things it needs are testing, bugfixing, and a working
OpenSSL impl.

The actual SSL code begins at
libgnetwork/gnetwork-ssl.c:_gnetwork_io_channel_ssl_new() and works its
way up from there for those interested in the OpenSSL stuff (please note
the evil [but private and expected] use of GError in perform_handshake()
when working with cert verification via OpenSSL).

Proxy testing has also not been performed yet, and proxies start at
and work their way up.

I'll be working on school, GNetworkUdp*, and GNetworkUnix* in the mean


    Jim Cape

    "It is literally true that, like Christianity, Socialism
     has conquered the world by defeating itself."
        -- Alexander Berkman, ABC of Anarchism

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