Re: Proposing libgnomesu for inclusion in Gnome 2.6

On Wed, Nov 12, 2003 at 03:02:24PM +0100, Murray Cumming Comneon com wrote:
> garnacho tuxerver net wrote:
> > the worst disadvantage I can see in these options is that 
> > they aren't able to run things remotely as well as locally, 
> > so changing the gnome 
> > system tools to use any of these libraries would mean a regression of 
> > features that sadly I wouldn't like to happen... may this be 
> > worth of discussion too? :)
> I can use the redhat-config tools remotely. I mean, I can login to computer
> A through ssh (in a terminal while running X) from computer B, run
> redhat-config-something and it'll show me the GUI and ask me for the root
> password of computer A.

hmm, then it seems that RedHat's ssh exports DISPLAY by default, the GST
work in a different way, the frontend is run locally, with your user
privileges, the backend is run locally (via su) or remotely (via ssh) as
root, in this way you don't need any graphical library in the target
computer, just perl. That's because I'd be glad to see remote habilities in 
the future gnome auth library (IMHO, of course) :)


> Murray Cumming
> murrayc usa net

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