gnome-panel, gnome-session and gnome-desktop 2.5.1


* What are they ?

	gnome-panel contains the GNOME panel which is the
area on your desktop from which you can run applications and
applets, and perform other tasks.

	gnome-session contains the GNOME session manager, the GNOME
session manager configuration program and several other session
management related utilities and the GNOME session manager proxy,
which handles basic session management for applications that do not
support XSMP.

	gnome-desktop contains the libgnome-desktop library
which contains APIs that really belong in libgnome[ui] but
have not seen enough testing or development to be considered
stable. It also contains documents installed as part of the
core GNOME distribution, e.g. the GPL, GNOME's .desktop files,
the gnome-about program, some manpages and GNOME's core graphics
files and icons.

* What's changed ?



	* Implement per-panel and global lockdown keys (George)
	* Add a "disabled_applets" key and don't show those applets (George)
	* Fix gnome-panel --help not to show the flags twice (Vincent)
	* Used the folder icon from the icon theme for folders (Vincent)
	* Use the term "Drag and drop" instead of "DnD" (Vincent)
	* Don't allow vertically centered horizontal panels and vice versa (Vincent)
	* Link to help for action buttons (Vincent)
	* Use the "delete" stock icon for "Delete this panel" (Vincent)
	* Fix crashing when gdk_property_get_fails (Vincent)
	* Snap to 0/100% opacity with a 2% tolerance (Vincent)
	* Set revert to insenitive in the launcher editing dialog (Vincent)
	* Remove the bold labels in the panel properties dialog (Muktha Narayan, Vincent)
	* Don't unhide hidden drawers when unhiding the parent panel (Mark)
	* Use GtkExpander in the run dialog (Mark)
	* Don't allow the panel to autohide when dragging things around (Arvind)
	* Don't unhide the panel if we quickly move the pointer in and out (Arvind)
	* Get translucent applet backgrounds almost working (Vincent, John Ellis)
	* Remove useless, crufty code (Vincent, Mark)
	* Don't allow the panel to unhide when the properties dialog is open (Arvind)


	* Hide the preferences menu items when locked down (George)
	* Update help buttons to point to the correct docs (Vincent)
	* Allow the PanelApplet's children to become focusable after focusing itself (Padraig)
	* Fix a memory leak in libpanel-applet (Kjartan)

  Window List

 	* Remove "visible" from the descipription of the applet (Vincent)
	* Update to use the new icon from jimmac (Vincent)
	* Disable certain preferences when only showing the current workspace (Vincent)

  Workspace Switcher

	* Add a shadow around the workspace list in the preferences (Vincent)
	* Unselect any selected workspace name when the list is unfocused (Vincent)

  Window Menu

	* Ellipsize the window menu item if its too long (Vincent, Soeren Sandmann)
	* Update to use the new icon from jimmac (Vincent)
	* Don't refer to the "Window List" in the about dialog (Vincent)
	* Use the icon theme to lookup the window icon (Vincent)

  Show Desktop Button

	* Lookup the icon according to the icon theme (Vincent)


	* Respect the "inhibit_command_line" lockdown preference (Vincent)
	* Make the "rotate" prefernce false by default - bubbles should go up (Vincent)
	* De-brand Wanda - she's a fish, not a "GNOME fish" (Vincent)


	* Show week numbers in the calendar (Vincent)
	* Better schema description for "internet_time" (Vincent)


	* Help documentation updates (Breda McColgan)
	* Add a --enable-deprecations build time flag (Mark)


	* Andras Timar (hu)
	* Christian Rose (sv)
	* Dafydd Harries (cy)
	* David O'Callaghan (ga)
	* Elian Myftiu (sq)
	* Evandro Fernandes Giovanini (pt_BR)
	* Francisco Javier F. Serrador (es)
	* Hasbullah Bin Pit (ms)
	* Jordi Mallach (ca)
	* KAMAGASAKO Masatoshi (ja)
	* Kostas Papadimas (el)
	* Miloslav Trmac (cs)
	* MiÅ?u Moldovan (ro)
	* MÉ?tin Æ?mirov (az)
	* Reinout van Schouwen (nl)
	* Vaidotas Zemlys (lt)
	* Ð?анило Шеган (sr)



	* Add a --enable-deprecations build flag (Mark)


	* Dafydd Harries (cy)
	* Miloslav Trmac (cs)



	* Remove unnecessary accessibility code (Padraig)
	* Use the correct mnemonic widget for the command entry (Padraig)


	* Add a --enable-deprecations build flag (Mark)


	* Abel Cheung (zh_TW)
	* G Karunakar (hi)
	* Jordi Mallach (ca)
	* Ole Laursen (da)
	* Sanlig Badral (mn)

* Where can I get them ?


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