Tabbed Tray Notes Applet

Hello Guru-nomes:
I looked thru all the notes applets etc. available but none like the one
I have seen and very used to when I was in the windoze domain - check
this site out for some cool screenshots.
Ideally it runs as an applet and clicking on it from the
notification/tray area, it pops out with the notes window where you can
jot anything you want and would autosave it when you go out of focus or
close it (actually minimizing it back to tray).
I hate all the million icons, format, font etc. but the fact that you
can generally enter a lot of nonsense with abandon without thinking
about saving them and with a quick way to get back at it instead of
searching thru my mailbox (typically that is what i do now ;)) generally
appeals to me a lot.
Feedback | welcome at my mailbox
Alternate similar suggestions | welcome at my mailbox
Asking me to write it | I am a newbie - Send me a sample tray applet
code for me to learn from | welcome at my mailbox.
Smart comments asking me to go back to windoze > /dev/null
Thanks in advance.

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