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> Hello Guru-nomes:
> I looked thru all the notes applets etc. available but none like the one
> I have seen and very used to when I was in the windoze domain - check
> this site out for some cool screenshots.
> Ideally it runs as an applet and clicking on it from the
> notification/tray area, it pops out with the notes window where you can
> jot anything you want and would autosave it when you go out of focus or
> close it (actually minimizing it back to tray).
> I hate all the million icons, format, font etc. but the fact that you
> can generally enter a lot of nonsense with abandon without thinking
> about saving them and with a quick way to get back at it instead of
> searching thru my mailbox (typically that is what i do now ;)) generally
> appeals to me a lot.
> Feedback | welcome at my mailbox
> Alternate similar suggestions | welcome at my mailbox
> Asking me to write it | I am a newbie - Send me a sample tray applet
> code for me to learn from | welcome at my mailbox.
> Smart comments asking me to go back to windoze > /dev/null
> Thanks in advance.
> Sundar

Check out gjots.  It hasn't been updated since March, but it showed promise
and was near to what you are looking for, I think.

Erick Woods
erick gnomepro com

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