Re: default gconf backend cut over

On Tue, Nov 04, 2003 at 11:19:32AM -0800, Rob Adams wrote:
> I would run HEAD but I can't build the damn thing.

Yes, same here.  Things like bugzilla doesn't compile because I do not
believe they have put in the flag for deprecated widgets.  Also
running just basic core apps eg panel doesn't work either. It has 
problems loading applets.   (and gnome-applets doesn't build anyways)

As for GConf, I couldn't find any problems yet but then I don't have a
completely usable build that I can work on.  I used my existing gconf
stuff and also blew it away and used a fresh one.  Everything seems fine
from what I can tell.  As soon as HEAD builds correctly I can get more

sri "unafraid of HEAD" or "lemming" ramkrishna

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