Re: default gconf backend cut over

Hey Ross,
	I think Havoc's trying to be too scarey :-)

	I banged on the thing pretty hard before committing my patch and fixed
up the issues I saw then ... I've been running it for a week now with no
issues, so it should hopefully be past the "this will utterly bust
everyone's desktop" stage ..

	(Hmm, I shouldn't have said that out loud - talking about tempting fate

	Anyway, even if it does bust your desktop you can easily switch back to
the XML backend and restore your backed-up settings.


On Tue, 2003-11-04 at 17:05, Ross Burton wrote:
> > No complaints yet - is nobody running HEAD, or is this working for
> > people?
> Dear Havoc, [1]
> We're all far to scared to update GConf HEAD, hoping that someone else
> would do it first and find the evil data destroying bugs.
> Love,
> Ross, on behalf of the GNOME Cowardly Hacking Team
> [1] Damn I'm bored

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