Re: About Panels - aka lynching time

<quote who="Jeff Waugh">

> Or this:
>   +-------------+
>   | Text Editor |
>   +----------------+
>   | About...       |
>   | Preferences... |
>   |----------------|
>   | Quit           |
>   +----------------+

  I would prefer to put something like this:

  | Epiphany |
  | Preferences...    |
  | About Epiphany    |
  | About GNOME       |
  | Quit              |

in every GNOME app. 

  With the solution above you can access the "About GNOME" box from
every app belonging to GNOME as well as the "About ..." box. Furthermore
it is in my opinion a better place for things like the preferences and
quit entries which do not really fit into the "File" or "Edit" menu -
that was also discussed in some messages a while ago, but unfortunately
I cannot find them at the moment.

  I agree to Glynn that the panels are not the ideal place for the
"About GNOME" dialog, but I also think that putting "About GNOME" and
"About ..." under "Help" is sub-optimal, too, as it wont really help
people looking for help.


Hendrik Richter <naggeldak gnome-de org> · Jabber: naggeldak jabber org

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