Desktop-wide database

Hello all, I am a desktop-devel lurker, first of all, kudos to all you guys for
the great work.

My curiosity:
i think that using a single desktop-wide database should be a nice thing, in
particular w.r.t. coding ease, but also in relation to general design elegance.
 There are a lot of free software DBMSs which would manage it efficiently and
with powerful features...
By "desktop-wide" database I mean a single database or set of databases, storing
all the info we now manage in a per-application or dedicated way... Think of the
following software
- gconf
- rhythmbox
- the thumbnails freedesktop spec
- evolution contacts
... and a lot others...

They all would take advantage from a real "external" DBMS (which Storage already
does): why not share it, so making data more easily available for application
integration? Maybe this should also have positive performance effects in some

I know this is not a so original idea, so maybe this has already been discussed
and discarded for some reason, or just this requires too much work and has been
postponed... Let me know, I'm curious.

Again, kudos to all for the excellent desktop, it really improves every single
day! :)

Alessandro Giusti

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